A plague threatens humanity. In his twisted laboratory, Dr. Hertz works frantically to eradicate the evil cells with vibration therapy. Only the right combination of frequencies will kill the terrible plague while leaving the healthy cells intact. Hurry! Humanity needs you.


CONTROLS: Only one! Move your mouse slowly left and right.

This changes the vibro-frequency of Dr. Herz's Disease Dismantler. When you hit the right frequency, some cells will start shaking and eventually burst. Your goal is to kill the bad cells without killing the good cells. **Can you get past Level 8?**

Credits: Candy Emberley, Dan Colman, Tim Heiderich, George Collins, Sena Bryer, Michael Pelz.

Made for the Global Game Jam at University of Southern California, January 26th-28th, 2018. "Now Why Didn't I Think of That?" innovative excellence award.

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